Launching Claim Your Confidence!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

With the Minister for Small Business, the Hon Shannon Fentiman officially launching the Claim Your Confidence Program, a long-term goal of mine has finally been achieved.

If you’ve read about me, you know that I’m a passionate believer in guiding people to understand their thinking by learning about their brain. By uncovering the mindset patterns that we form from our early years, we begin to see that some of the beliefs we formed as children are still with us today, but not necessarily helping us get through life confidently as adults.

Learning how we wire in beliefs about ourselves, and how these beliefs form the mindsets that we take into our work, relationships, and personal goals and dreams, can give us clarity about where we hold ourselves back. I wrote the Claim Your Confidence program so that I could share with you the brain tools and techniques that you can use to rethink who you are, and what you are capable of. 

Let go of the past

I have a great interest in neuroscience because it can help explain many of the things we do, when even we don’t understand why we do them!   We can all act in ways that may not be helpful to ourselves and those around us, and often we are reacting to triggers that were wired in years, even decades ago. 

Rather than waste time berating ourselves for things we should have done differently in the past, gathering some ‘brain facts’ about how to rewire your thinking, will provide you with the knowledge to make different choices in the present and for your future.

Confidence affects men too

The Claim Your Confidence program has been developed for women in business, but this isn’t to say that men don’t also struggle with beliefs about themselves, held onto since childhood and still used to limit who they think they are today. 

My experience in countless training programs is that men can make career limiting decisions because they carry a mindset that they don’t deserve the success, haven’t earned it or don’t feel they are confident enough to claim it, should it appear. 
With gender stereotypes placed on men for how they deal with conflict, manage employees and show leadership, their pressures are different to women, but the impact still leaves them questioning who they think they should be, as opposed to who they are. 

Find out how your brain works

If you are a woman in business, we would love to have you share the Claim Your Confidence journey with us. The Program is taking enrolments now for an official start on 16 April.   Enrol before 30 April to receive the Earlybird price of $79 for the entire program, with access all year, at your pace, wherever you are.  Click on the Programs Page to find all the details.

We have a bunch of business women already signed up and ready to explore how to strengthen the mindsets that help them in business and rewire those that might limit them. As a group we will discuss and practice rewiring the mindsets most commonly expressed as holding women back including impostor syndrome, perfectionism and the fear of failure/fear of success.  

If you feel that you could benefit from this program, or know someone who might, please check it out today, or sign up to the e-newsletter to receive free resources and special offers.  The official media release is here!
Here’s to discovering ourselves anew!