Perhaps you are familiar with the internal struggle that occurs when you travel down a new path; where you feel the pressure to choose what is known, familiar and safe, rather than explore the uncertainty of the path ahead. When I first started to explore this website path, I felt pressure to keep teaching the information in the organisation and management fields that is known, familiar and widely accepted. Instead, I discovered that I no longer believe any of it is enough.

Shifting the focus from body to mind

I have spent decades as a teacher, trainer, coach, educator and facilitator of learning, within and across organisations. Many problems in management and leadership are focused on what someone does or does not do – a behaviour that needs to stop, start or change. Problems directed at action - what a body does or does not do - can be solved by mainstream management programs. But problems that stem from a person’s thinking about a situation, or from their deepest fears about themselves, or from their limited beliefs about the world, are not able to be addressed at the level of behaviour – they must be addressed at the level of the mind.

Mainstream programs don’t travel down this path. Yet I myself walk down this road year after year, hearing stories of how people struggle with self-doubt, with fears about whether they actually make a difference, with the search for personal meaning in meaningless work, and questioning whether they will ever be good enough.  

An epidemic of silent suffering occurs when we cannot find a way out of our work or relationship battlefield but become resigned to it. We make decisions based on the thoughts we have about the situation, and the limits that we impose on ourselves for resolving it. So many of these choices are focused on behaviour – what to do – rather than on mind – how to think about it.  As coaches, trainers, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs, we see this and want to help, but may not know how.

Helping you serve others

Now more than ever, we need to find new ways to undo our own unhelpful thinking patterns and expand how we can help others shift theirs.  As we climb higher up the mountain we get a better view of the limitations we put on ourselves.  By choosing not to stay stuck at the bottom wondering how to get around the giant obstacle in front of us, our options increase.  My passion is to provide the ideas for you to help yourself and your staff, clients, trainees or customers shift their own thinking towards greater opportunity and possibility.

I’m interested in how we rise above the maelstrom rather than stick with the mainstream. I want to explore the mind-field – not the minefield. Any new path will feel uncomfortable until it becomes familiar but if this journey interests you, I welcome you to explore this path with me, realising that we are only limited by our own thinking about any situation. To all those who have so generously and courageously shared their stories with me over the years, thank you. I hope this website serves all those who seek, as you have done, for a better way.

    With kindness,